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(2017-06-13) The Foreign Secretary, Tehmina Janjua, today briefed the Islamabad-based OIC Ambassadors on the grave human rights situation in the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir as well as ceasefire violations by India at the Line of Control (LoC) and the Working Boundary (WB).

The Foreign Secretary condemned the ongoing human rights violations in IoK, which have resulted in loss of 200 civilian’s lives and injuries to 20,000 Kashmirisincluding those by use of pellet gun shots deliberately aimed at the upper parts of the body and eyes, making more than 150 people permanently blind.

The Foreign Secretary invited the attention of OIC Ambassadors over the incident of using an innocent Kashmiri as a human shield. The incident reflected utter disregard for human dignity.

The Foreign Secretary added that the oppressed people of IoK look for support of Muslim brethren in their just and legitimate struggle for the realization of the right of self-determination.

13 June 2017

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