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(2009-01-16) The Foreign Secretary has conveyed today to the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad the sequence and series of actions initiated by the Government of Pakistan in pursuance of its international obligations as well as those relating to the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

The Foreign Secretary mentioned that an official inquiry has already been launched as announced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in his address to the National Assembly, on 13 January 2009.

The Foreign Secretary mentioned that it was important for Pakistan and India to chart the way forward on anti-terrorism cooperation as well as the imperative need for an across the board constructive bilateral engagement.

The Foreign Secretary also transmitted a letter addressed by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in response to the New Year’s greetings received from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

16 January 2009
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The Foreign Office Spokesman added that instead of orchestrating a diplomatic and political campaign against Pakistan, it would be better for the two countries to work together to overcome the common challenges facing the region. Indulging in blame game is counterproductive.

14 January 2009

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