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Dear community members

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in multiple countries, the community members residing in Egypt are advised to take preventive and protective measures. Following information is circulated for guidance/information of the community members.

  • The Embassy has nominated Raja Ozair Ul Haq, Third Secretary, as Focal Person.
  • ┬áRaja Ozair Ul Haq is available on Phone No. 02-37487806 / 37487677 and Mobile No. 0121-0353333.
  • ┬áThe Government of Egypt has launched a website to spread awareness about coronavirus. The Website address is:
  • WHO updates its website regularly with regard to COVID-19, which can be accessed at web address: [the website provides latest updates, protection measures, travel advice,
    questions answered etc.]
  • For updates, guidance and preventive measures, the NIH (National Institute of Health) website in Pakistan can be reached at:



5 March 2020

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