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General Guidelines for Study in Azerbaijan

What are the requirements for admission to universities?

It largely depends on the University of Choice. But generally, for a bachelor degree, you should have a school leaving certificate (High School diploma); for master degree, you have to have a bachelor degree in a relevant field of study. For PhD level you must have completed a master degree with at least 16 years of Study.

Is professional education in the fields of Medicine, Engineering and Law available in Azerbaijan?

Yes all the above professional subjects are taught in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Medical University offers a 6 years Bachelors of Medicine in English language. Likewise some universities also offer degrees in Engineering. The education of Law is usually taught in Azerbaijani language.

It is important for the students to know beforehand if the degrees awarded by Azerbaijani universities are recognized by the respective professional bodies of Pakistan such as Pakistan Medical Commission or Engineering Council of Pakistan.


International students can directly apply on Universities’ Websites from their home countries.

How to obtain a Student Visa?

After the acceptance of University’s offer of Admission, student can apply for a visa through diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan or Electronic visas through “ASAN Visa” system. E-visa is issued within 3 (three) working days, it will be valid for 30 days and the fee for it is 20$. For more information:

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees depend on the specialty, the study level, its duration and the institution where the studies will take place.

Approximate costs range as follow:

Bachelor’s Degree    – 1000-10000 $ per year

Master `s Degree      – 1000-15000 $ per year

PhD                             – 1000-150000 $ per year


What is the medium of instruction at the universities in Azerbaijan?

The medium of instruction at Azerbaijan’s universities are Azerbaijani and English.

How to get information regarding academic programs?

Information can be found regarding academic programs through the websites of University.

Can I work while studying?

The student visa requires you to study in a full time program. This means that you cannot work while on student visa.

How to extend visa during the study at the university?

You should obtain a student visa valid for 1-3 months before your arrival. A month before the expiration of the previous visa you will apply for a residence permit which will enable you to live in the country for six months or a year. The International Affairs Office of the University can assist in receiving the residence permit (“migration card”).

Registration within 15 days

Within 15 days of their arrival in Azerbaijan, students need to be registered within State Migration Service of Azerbaijan. Registration has to be made with the place where the foreigner plans to stay. Failure to get registered within 15 days can lead to fines.

Where to get Medical education in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has only one University that educates Medical students. That is Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) ( ). Detailed information regarding academic programs can be gained through the websites of Azerbaijan Medical University.  The AMU has allowed Pakistani students to apply directly for admission through University’s web portal. Now there is no requirement of getting admission in the AMU through third party student admission/consulting companies.

How to find accommodation?

In order to get an accommodation a student should apply to the particular university. The universities provide students with particular dormitory at the student campus on the basis of availability. The universities may assist students to find available rental houses;

Azerbaijan’s Scholarship Program for Citizens of OIC and NAM Members countries

Whenever scholarships are announced by Azerbaijan for Pakistani nationals, the request for nomination of candidates is sent to Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad through diplomatic channels. The HEC then advertises the scholarships on its website and accepts applications. Shortlisting of students is done by the HEC and names of shortlisted candidates are forwarded to relevant Ministry of Azerbaijan through diplomatic channels.

It may be noted that the Embassy of Pakistan in Baku (Azerbaijan) is not involved in the selection/shortlisting of students for the said Scholarships.


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