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For tourist visa, please submit the following:-

1. Duly completed and signed Visa Application Form (Download here)

2. Invitation letter from Host/Sponsor in Pakistan and Copy of Host/Sponsor’s Passport, Address and Telephone Number in Pakistan.
Booking of Air Ticket and Hotel Reservation.

3. A valid Passport (Validity at least 06 months from the traveling date) and 03 Passport photos (size 4×6).

4. Last 03 months Bank Statement.

5. Visa processing will take upto five (5) working days.


Bank details for fee submission EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN Account No. 239-080-34627
Bank Name: Shinhan Bank, Branch Hanoi, Swift Code: SHBKVNXX.


Sr. No. Type of Visa Visit/Tourist Visa
Charged by the Mission


Single Entry



Multiple Entry upto 01 year

US$ 37.50


Multiple Entry beyond 01 year

US$ 50.00



Business Visa

For business visa, please submit the following:

      • (i) A duly signed original letter of invitation from the host company on its letterhead, with their active telephone numbers.
      • (ii) duly signed original letter from the Employer in the Vietnam on company’s letterhead with a proof of registration of the company with the relevant Vietnam authorities and job description as well as details of the intended visit to Pakistan. If the applicant is owner of a business, company profile should be attached.
      • (iii) Three months latest bank statement.
      • (iv) Duly completed and signed Visa Application Form (Download here)
             v) A valid Passport (Validity at least 06 months from the traveling date) and 03 passport size (4×6) photos

Visa fee to be paid in VND(Vietnamese currency at prevalent exchange rate) will be as follows:-


Sr. No. Type of Visa Work/Business Visa
Charged by the Mission


Single Entry

US$ 100.00


Multiple Entry upto 01 year

US$ 150.00


Multiple Entry beyond 01 year

US$ 200.00

Bank details are given above.



Online Visa

The Government of Pakistan has introduced online visa for the citizens of Viet Nam and Lao People’s Democratic Republic (LAO PDR) from 29 April 2019.

Visa applicants can apply for Pakistani visa through the Online Visa Portal at:

E-VISA facility is currently not available for minor children (under the age of 12 years)

For any further questions, please read Frequently Asked Questions here

In case of any issues, please write to the Embassy at: All Other Types of Visas:
Please complete the visa form, attach the relevant documents and submit in the Embassy.

The MoFA Webportal team is kindly requested to give hyper link of Visa Form attached to this email where the text is in red colour. Please also give hyper link of FAQs attached with this email in the Online Visa Section where text colour is Green.



Requirements for obtaining passport
Application for New passport in Lieu of Expired or Exhausted passport


All applicants should submit

    • Old passport.
    • Original Pakistan National Identity Card along with a photocopy.
    • Four current passport size (2X2, Front Face) latest photographs.
    • Application Forms: “A” or “B”
    • Proof of residence in Vietnam.
    • Passport fee payable in VND.


: Applicants under 18 years of age should submit an original RG-II (Registration From “B”) along with a photocopy. Also, a Pakistan National Identity Card with photograph is required for all women.</



Application for a Duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport.

Applicants should submit

    • Copy of lost passport.
    • Original Pakistan National Identity Card.
    • Original document of Police report regarding loss of passport along with its English translation.
    • Six passport size (2X2, Front Face) latest photographs.
    • Documentary evidence showing proof of Pakistan nationality, i.e., citizenship certificate,
    • Domicile certificate issued by the Government of Pakistan.
    • Passport fee payable in VND.


In addition to the above requirements, New/Duplicate passports will be issued to Pakistan nationals only after Police Verification from Pakistan.



Registration of Pakistani children born abroad

    • Complete Form “S-1
    • Two Current Photographs of the child
    • Original birth certificate and a copy of the Passport.
    • Proof of father’s Pakistani nationality (NIC or Passport) attach photocopy


  • Registration fee

Fee is payable in VND payable to the Embassy of Pakistan. All fees are non-refundable.

Endorsements / Amendments in passport and extension of limited validity of passport (Form – C)

    • Complete Form “C
    • Original national ID card (Copy if original is not available)
    • Two photographs of child – endorsements in passport


  • Endorsement/Amendment fee

Extension of limited validity passport

Requirements to surrender Pakistani citizenship

    • Written and signed request/application with the reason for renunciation of citizenship.
    • FormX” duly typed (not hand written) and signed by the applicant and notarized from Notary Public with three sets of the form.
    • CNIC/NICOP to be submitted in original with the application for renunciation. This Card will have to be cancelled online by the applicant once his/her renunciation certificate is received after approval of his/her application by the relevant office in Pakistan.
    • All Pakistani Passports (Valid/Expired in original along with one set of photocopies of each passport must be provided or an affidavit duly notarized regarding having no Pakistani passport or having it lost etc.
    • Five front facing latest colored passport size photographs of the applicant with white background and must not be older than six months.
    • Copies of Nikah nama/divorced papers of the female applicant, provided passport/NICOP is not modified with husband /father’s name respectively.
    • Computer Proforma duly notarized.
    • Particulars Proforma duly signed and notarized.
    • Names of three close relatives/friends with their telephone numbers and complete residential addresses in Pakistan in case there is no CNIC/NICOP.


  • Two separate prepaid self addressed envelopes with tracking numbers, one for mailing out the receipt with the Consulate’s letter and other one for mailing out of the renunciation certificate once received from Pakistan after showing proof of online cancellation of CNIC/NICOP.

Please fill out all columns in the forms, as incomplete application will not be processed. It’ll be returned to the applicant.

    • The Renunciation Certificate would be issued as per Form “X”. Therefore name spellings on form “X”, NICOP, Pakistan Passport/Foreign Passport should be identical. In case of any variation/name change, the supporting document may also be attached with the application.
    • As per Section 14-A of Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951, the cases of minors (below 21 years of age) would not be entertained as they cannot renounce their citizenship of Pakistan before reaching the age 21 years.
    • The renunciation certificate is issued by the Immigration Authorities in Pakistan after processing of application sent from abroad. The applicant will be apprised of the response when it is received from concerned quarters in Pakistan.


  • After receipt of the Renunciation Certificate from Pakistan, it will be handed over/dispatched to the applicant only upon showing the proof of online cancellation of CNIC/NICOP with the payment of cancellation fee.

You may contact at the following phones or through e-mails in case of any query about cancellation of CNIC/NICOP:

Phones: 0092 51 9208606, 0092 51 90391917

E-mails: (Complaint Management System)


    • An e-mail of the applicant needs to be written on Form X, enabling authorities in Pakistan to contact the applicant directly if additional information/documents are needed.


  • Applicants can check status of their applications by sending e-mail to


Attestation of Documents

We offer attestation service for various types of documents per the following specific and standard requirements:


Specific Requirements for different types of documents:

    • For attestation of signatures of executants of a Power of Attorney/ Affidavit/ Pension paper/ Life Certificate/ Will, their personal presence before the consular officer is mandatory. No prior appointment is needed for that. For information about opening hours of the Consular Section, please visit Home Page of the website.
    • For attestation of Pakistani documents like Nikah Nama/Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Academic Certificates etc., prior authentication of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad is mandatory. These documents can be submitted to us in person or via postal mail because personal presence of applicant is not necessary for attestation of such type of documents.
    • For attestation of photocopies of Pakistani Passports and Computerized Identity Cards, presentation of original documents is mandatory. These documents can be submitted to us in person or via postal mail because personal presence of applicant is not necessary for attestation of this type of document.
    • Affixing a photograph on power of attorney by an executant/executant is/are mandatory.


  • For Attestation of Vietnamese or the Lao PDR documents, prior authentication of Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the respective country is mandatory.

These documents can be submitted to us in person or via postal mail because personal presence of applicant is not necessary for attestation of this type of documents.
No prior appointment is necessary. Applicants will be attended on first-come-first served basis Mon- Fri (except a public holiday) between 9:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.


Standard Requirements for all types of documents:

  • Original document with copy of the document.
  • Original valid Pakistani passport or CNIC/NICOP along with photocopy.
  • Proof of Residence in our area of jurisdiction e.g. copy of resident permit (our consular jurisdiction covers Viet Nam and the Lao PDR).
  • A self-addressed, pre-paid return envelope with tracking number {if the applicant desires the return of the attested document via post}.
  • You are advised to deposit the fee as per following details:

Account number: 239 08 034627
Account Name: Embassy of Pakistan-HN

Address: Lotte Center HaNoi, 54 Lieu Giai, Cong V?, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Deposit’s Name: Name of the Applicant


  • If a power of attorney, affidavit etc. is signed by more than one person, the fee will be multiplied accordingly. For amount of the attestation fees of various types of documents, please see the chart below:


The Fee Structure for various documents is as under:

Sr. No Type of documents Attestation Fees Per Document (US $) Processing Time
1 Legalization/Notarization of Power of Attorney $12.00 On the spot in person and within three business days after receipt through mail
2 Affidavit of Support $12.00 do
3 No Objection Certificate $12.00 do
4 Marriage Certificate and other Pakistan issued documents per signature (Need prior attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or its Camp Offices) $12.00 do
5 All U.S. issued documents per signature (Need prior authentication from U.S. Department of State) $12.00 do
6 Pension Papers No Fee do


Note: in case of having no Pakistan ID papers like Identity Card/ Passport or a non- Pakistani, any document like Power of Attorney, Affidavit, will require prior attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the relevant country before getting it attested from the Embassy.






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