Libya Mission Post|

Ambassador of Pakistan Lt. Gen (r) Javed Zia, Inaugurated Machine Readable Passport (MRP) project in Pakistan Embassy in Libya on 31st January, 2016 in a ceremony attended by 200 members of Pakistani community. MRP facility was a long awaited demand of around 12000 Pakistanis residing in Libya. Addressing the community, the Ambassador highlighted that Registration for MRP would be absolutely on merit and on first come first serve basis. Those Pakistanis who are residing outside the capital, they can register for MRP through email. It may be mentioned that despite civil war in Libya and consequent closure of almost all Embassies, Pakistan Embassy continued provision of services to Pakistani community in a very challenging environment while maintaining its neutral stance and standing shoulder to shoulder with Libyan people. During last two years the Mission arranged for release of 343 prisoners from various detention centers of Libya. The Mission also facilitated transportation of 32 dead bodies of Pakistanis who died in Libya back to their homes in last two years. Embassy of Pakistan also evacuated over 7500 Pakistanis at the most economical rates from Libya in 2014 due to ongoing civil war over here. The Ambassador also reiterated that Pakistanis residing in conflict zones especially in Sirte should leave the areas due to continuous deterioration of situation in Sirte and surrounding areas.

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