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The Government of Pakistan emphatically rejects the unfortunate allegations leveled against Pakistan by the Prime Minister of India in New Delhi today.
Instead of responding positively to Pakistan’s offer of cooperation and constructive proposals, India has chosen to embark on a propaganda offensive.
It will not only ratchet up tensions but occlude facts and destroy all prospects of serious and objective investigations into the Mumbai attacks.
This approach is fraught with grave risks and will further vitiate the situation in South Asia. Only yesterday the Government of India was advised not to embark on political point scoring. Regrettably this advice has not been heeded.
Pakistan is a victim of terrorism. This pernicious phenomenon is regionally pervasive. Pakistan has suffered more terror attacks than India. But we have not lost our equanimity.

Pakistan is not a state sponsor of terrorism. Our civilian and armed forces causalities over the past year in terror attacks and in countering terrorism have been far more than that of India. The history and genesis of terrorism is well-known and need no repetition. Many South Asian states have been victims of all kinds and manifestations of terrorism.
The Government of Pakistan expects the Government of India to demonstrate restraint and responsibility. The policy of casting accusations without uncovering full facts and even while the investigations are still continuing is irresponsible. Vilifying Pakistan or for that matter any of its state institutions on this score is unwarranted and unacceptable. This is a sure way to close avenues of cooperation in combating this menace.
Pakistanstrongly rejects efforts at political and military coercion, which are counter-productive. India must refrain from hostile propaganda, and must not whip up tensions. It must also take steps to de-escalate its offensive military posture against Pakistan.
We once again call upon the Government of India to engage cooperatively with us to uncover the full facts behind the Mumbai terrorist attacks. In this regard, Pakistan awaits response to its constructive proposals, including joint investigation, a joint commission under the NSAs of the two countries and high level visit from Pakistan.
It is recalled that Pakistan was one of the first to condemn the Mumbai terrorist attacks and had offered full cooperation to the Government of India. Pakistan is also carrying out investigations on its own. We reiterate our call for a pragmatic and cooperative engagement between the two countries to fight terrorism, which is a region-wide phenomenon and the common enemy of our people.
We condemn terrorist activities whether perpetrated by individuals, groups or states resulting in violence or threat of violence. Pakistan would not allow its soil to be used for acts of terrorism at home and abroad. Pakistan as a responsible state is taking all requisite steps to counter terrorism. International community undoubtedly recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices made by Pakistan to combat terrorism.
Pakistan’s government and state institutions remain fully committed to the fight against terrorism. We need no exhortations from India. Indian government is well advised to take careful stock of its own policies and conduct that are contributory to the problems facing South Asia.

06 January 2009

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