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In a response to a question regarding Indian Prime Minister’s comments in both houses of the Indian Parliament on February 24, 2011, the Spokesperson said we agree with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s views that development of South Asia will only be possible when Pakistan-India relations are normalized. Pakistan desires good neighbourly relations with India.

Recent Foreign Secretary level talks in Thimphu were a significant breakthrough. Both sides have agreed to resume dialogue on all issues. This holds hope for a meaningful and sustained process of engagement to bridge the trust deficit, resolve all outstanding issues, notably the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, and for creating an enabling environment for promoting peace and prosperity in the region as a whole.

As regards, terrorism, Pakistan believes that this issue is global and regional, and warrants a comprehensive and cooperative approach on the part of all states to eliminate this menace. Pakistan has suffered more from terrorism than any other state.

Pakistan looks forward to the meeting of Interior and Home Secretaries of Pakistan and India on counter terrorism; narcotics control and humanitarian issues in New Delhi later this month.

01 March 2011

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