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CNN News 18 Global Exclusive, an Indian affiliate of CNN International, has aired a forged interview of SP Special Branch AJK, Mr Ghulam Akbar, in which he has allegedly confirmed India’s surgical strike. The Reporter impersonated himself as Inspector General Police Punjab.

SP Ghulam Akbar has categorically denied having spoken over phone and that it is not even his voice on the recording run by the said Indian TV channel. It is highly regrettable that the said Indian TV channel, affiliated to a world renowned media house CNN, indulged in an unethical and fraudulent act.

Pakistan strongly denounces Indian media’s despicable act of fraud of airing of a fake program aimed at twisting and fabricating stories for domestic political consumption. This is a clear indication that certain quarters in India are desperate to prove Indian false claim of surgical strike by hook or by crook.

We hope that CNN would take up the matter very seriously with the affiliate Indian TV channel and initiate action against the channel, as not doing so will be regarded as directly owning to this unethical and manipulative act. We reserve the right to take necessary legal action against the said TV channel.

06 October 2016

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