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“The International community must raise its voice against precarious health conditions which are indicators of a humanitarian catastrophe taking place in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” said Raza Bashir Tarar, High Commissioner of Pakistan to Canada, while addressing Indus Hospital fund raising event at Ottawa.

The High Commissioner said that Kashmiris in the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir are facing a major health crisis with medicines running out, patients being turned away from hospitals and being unable to call for ambulances due to continued lockdown. Even trauma centres at the hospitals are closed, he added.

High Commissioner Tarar informed that despite economic constraints, the Government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has made progress in accelerating stunting reduction programs, supporting financial inclusion initiatives and investing in public health systems to improve health and reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality in Pakistan. However, a meaningful public-private partnership can improve the quality and affordability of health care, he added.

The High Commissioner supported the efforts of Indus Hospital in providing quality health care, free of cost to underprivileged patients. “The Indus Hospital is continually expanding its reach to provide comprehensive healthcare across Pakistan addressing service delivery, disease prevention, detection and prevention,” he said.

He urged Pakistani-Canadians to exhibit their characteristic generosity in contributing to the noble cause of Indus Hospital.

November 02, 2019

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