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H.E. Mr. Tomas Petricek, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic, inaugurated the international conference titled “Reaching out to the others: Overcoming Inter-Cultural Conflicts” at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague on 07 November 2018. The conference was aimed at addressing the issues of overcoming global threats, developing inter-cultural and intra-cultural dialogue, including inter-religious and intra-religious respect and discussions, enhancing justice, mutual cooperation and stability.

The conference took place as result of consistent efforts of Muslim Ambassadors based in Prague represented through OICPG. The conference was jointly organized by the Ambassadors of the OICPG, Institute of International Relations (IIR) Prague and Anna Lindh Foundation under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The conference was attended by the Czech and foreign human and social scientists from the OIC countries, the Ambassadors of the European Union and the Muslim countries, the academia, human rights activists and journalists.

In the opening session, the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Secretary General, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Inter-religious and Inter-cultural Dialogue based in Austria, Ambassador of Pakistan, who is the Chairman of the OICPG and Director of Institute of International Relations (iir) Prague delivered speeches.

A sumptuous Inter-Cultural buffet comprising of signature cuisine of OICPG countries was served in the reception hosted on the eve of Conference at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic. The guests were mesmerized by the variety, aroma and rich flavours of the cuisine.

07 November 2018

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