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(2017-10-11) On the occasion of International Girl Child Day on 11 October 2017, Pakistan takes pride in and pays tribute to the achievements of our girl children and those of the world at large. The achievements of our girl children are a symbol of their determination. They are also reflective of our resolve to protect and empower them and provide opportunities of progress to them.

This day, we reiterate our continued commitment to the promotion and protection of rights of every girl child. The Government of Pakistan has taken a range of institutional and legal measures to eliminate any form of exploitation and has opened up opportunities of excellence and progress.

The Government has taken significant steps for social, political, economic and legal empowerment of young girls and women. The participation by girls and women in the public life has notably increased in recent years.

Pakistan strongly supports the right of every girl child to education. We firmly believe that education promotes the values of tolerance and paves the way for progress and prosperity. We express our strong resolve to continue to pursue policies and programs at all levels to ensure enabling environment for children’s education in Pakistan, particularly for girls’ education.

Pakistani girls are excelling in every field of life, be it political leadership role, diplomacy or military. They are heralding our endeavors for a progressive Pakistan.

11 October 2017

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