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Internet Voting for Overseas Pakistanis

On the directions of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Election Commission of Pakistan is conducting Overseas Voting through Internet Voting System in upcoming bye-elections in 37 constituencies (list below), scheduled to be held on 14th October 2018.

All overseas Pakistanis, belonging to the 37 constituencies, are required to get themselves registered between 1-15 September 2018, online at any of the following websites:





Only those Overseas Pakistani voters shall be eligible for voting who possess:

a. Valid National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)

b. Valid Machine Readable passport (MRP); and

c. Valid E-mail address.

For further details of registration and voting procedure, please visit the website of Election Commission of Pakistan (


National Assembly of Pakistan Provincial Assembly of Punjab
1. NA-35 Bannu 1. PP-3 Attock-III
2. NA-53 Islamabad-II 2. PP-27-Jhelum-III
3. NA-56-Attock-II 3. PP-87 Mianwali-III
4. NA-60 Rawalpindi-IV 4. PP-103 Faisalabad-VII
5. NA-63 Rawalpindi-VII 5. PP-118 T.T.Sing-I
6. NA-65 Chakwal-II 6. PP-164 Lahore-XXI
7. NA-69 Gujrat-II 7. PP-165 Lahore-XXII
8. NA-103 Faisalabad-III 8. PP-201-Sahiwal-VI
9. NA-124 Lahore-II 9. PP-222 Multan-XII
10. NA-131 Lahore-IX 10. PP-261 R.Y.Khan-VII
11. NA-243 Karachi East-II 11. PP-272 Muzaffargarh-V
Provincial Assembly of Khyuber Pakhtunkhwa 12. PP-292 D.G.Khan-VII
1. PK-3 Swat-II 13. PP-296 Rajanpur-IV
2. PK-7 Swat-VI Provincial Assembly of Sindh
3. PK-44 Swabi-II 1. PS-87 Malir-I
4. PK-43 Mardan-VI 2. PS-30 Khairpur-V
5. PK-61 Nowshera-I Provincial Assembly Baluchistan
6. PK-64 Nowshera-IV 1. PB-35 Mastung
7. PK-78 Peshwar-XIII 2. PB-40 Khuzdar-II
8. PK-97 D.I. Khan-III    
9. PK-99 D.I. Khan-V    
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