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A ceremony was held in Cairo to introduce the Book “Kashmir Crisis (Unresolved Issue of Muslim Ummah) Opinions & Analyses” written by Mr. Omar Mohammad Nazzal Al Armouti. It was attended by representatives of print and electronic media, intellectuals, university professors, diplomats and members of Pakistani community in Egypt.

The Jordanian author of the book, Mr. Omar Al Armouti, who was present on the occasion, explained that he had travelled to Pakistan to make interviews with the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan as also the President and the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir and had also met the people on both sides of the LoC. He could, therefore, share his first hand experiences and compare living conditions of the people living on both sides of the Line of Control.

Chairing the panel discussion on the book, Pakistan Ambassador in Cairo H.E. Mushtaq Ali Shah appreciated the work by Mr. Omar Al Armouti and said that his book would go a long way in sensitizing public opinion, especially in the Arab world, on an issue that concerned not only Pakistan or the Islamic world but remained to be an unresolved issue on the US agenda since the last 7 decades. Drawing a parallel between the struggles waged by the peoples of Palestine and the Indian occupied Kashmir, he called upon the international community to help the subjugated people regain their right of self-determination and underlined the need for the respect of fundamental rights of the people facing occupation. He added that no foreign occupation has ever sustained forever in the history of mankind.

The Ambassador and Mr. Armouti, also gave interviews to the local print and electronic media. Other panelists who spoke on the occasion, included Dr. Mohammad Al Saeed Gamal Uddin, Professor at University of Ain Shams, Mr. Tarek Sheikh, Deputy Editor of Al-Ahram, Dr. Hamd Ullah, World Association for al-Azhar Graduates, and Dr. Hassan Khalil, Representative of Sheikh Al-Azhar. People deeply appreciated the endeavor.

Participants agreed that this was the first book written on Kashmir issue in Arabic language by a Jordanian author, which gave graphic details of the human sufferings endured by the people in occupied Kashmir. While the interviews with political leadership explained the logic behind Pakistan’s principled support to the struggle of Kashmiri peoples, the photographs highlighted the human sufferings in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

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