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Kashmir Black Day was commemorated at the High Commission of Pakistan to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. The event was well attended largely by representations of our Diaspora, Kashmiri activists plus, civil society, Pakistani and Kashmir Diaspora in South Africa.

While speaking on the occasion, the speakers condemned the brutal and inhuman treatment meted out to the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. They also expressed their resolve to continue the political, moral and diplomatic support to the cause of Kashmir. The speakers called upon the individuals and international community to play their positive role to desist India from taking unilateral actions. The Speakers from Kashmiri Diaspora expressed their resolve to remain on the forefront of the ongoing liberation struggle in the Occupied Kashmir.

The High Commissioner during his closing remarks underscored the Government of Pakistan’s unfettered resolve to stand by the oppressed people of Kashmir till the acceptable solution of the issues. Deputy High Commissioner read out the messages of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to the audience. A short documentary pertaining to struggle of Kashmiri people and right for self determination was also played on the occasion. The event ended with the joint prayers for the people of Kashmir.



27 October, 2019

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