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In connection to Kashmir Black Day the Mission organized a meeting with Director General Mohamed Sektaoui, Director Salah Abdellaoui and senior representatives of Amnesty International, Maroc on 30 October 2019 at the Chancery.

A video of the grieve situation was shown to the Amnesty officials. While briefing the participants on the ongoing lockdown and brutalities being perpetrated by the Indian state, the Ambassador welcomed any fact finding Mission by Amnesty International to Azad Kashmir to see the freedom and normally with which people are leading their lives. He further urged Amnesty International to raise voice at all forums for 8 million Kashmiris incarcerated in their own lands for over 80 days. The Ambassador further proposed to host jointly organized events to basic awareness of the Kashmir cause to the world. He also requested Amnesty Morocco to ask Indian Embassy at Rabat to arrange their visit to IoK and to demand a logical explanation for being denied the same.

The Director General informed that Kashmir is a challenge for the United Nations and the current situation was grave and part of the agenda of Amnesty. He welcomed the proposals by the Ambassador and added that Amnesty International advocates open investigations on the Human Rights violation in Kashmir. While acknowledging the high handed approach of the Indian Government, the Director General further informed that Kashmir takes a priority in its annual reports.

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