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This was the first time that this Mission organized Kashmir Black Day event. It was organized on 7th November 2018, in order to ensure maximum attendance. It was a well-attended event starting with recitation from the Holy Quran followed by National Anthem and Fateha for Shuhadas. Most participants were members of Muslim community of Mauritius as others would not attend.

High Commissioner Dr. Syed Rizwan Ahmed read out the Messages of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan on the occasion. He zoomed in on the event, from human rights point of view. A brief presentation on Kashmir giving its genesis and current situation was given by Mr. Zahid Ahmed Khan Jatoi, Deputy High Commissioner. A short video of atrocities committed by Indian forces was also shown to the audience being the descendants of South Asian Muslims.

In advance of the event, material downloaded from the link shared by the Ministry was also forwarded to all human rights organization including National Human Rights Commission of Mauritius. During the event, Kashmir was identified as an unresolved agenda of partition. This angle had a traction with Muslim community of Mauritius.

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