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Respected Guests

I offer my thanks specially to my Iranian friends, media persons, students, intellectuals and all participants for their presence in today’s event. We are gathered today to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters of Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir who have been waging their struggle against illegal occupation and for their just right to self-determination.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed on 5th February to remind the world that for the past 72 years, the people of Indian Illegally occupied Jammu & Kashmir deserve peace and their right to a dignified life. It is an occasion to pay tribute to the countless sacrifices of the valiant Kashmiris to secure their basic rights. On this day, the Pakistani nation reiterates their unwavering political, moral and diplomatic support for the just struggle of our Kashmiri brothers. Pakistan is a party to the Kashmir dispute under the UNSC resolution. The people of Pakistan have deep cultural, familial, religious and historical affinity with Kashmir which is why the Kashmir dispute is considered both by Pakistani and Kashmiris as an unfinished agenda of the partition of the Indian sub-continent.

It is now seven decades since the United Nations passed resolutions promising the people of Kashmir their rights to self-determination. However, sadly the promises have not realized. Over hundred thousand Kashmiris men, women and children have been martyred for raising their voice against the illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir by India. Thousands have been arrest, tortured, raped, maimed and their homes have been destroyed. However, all these brutalities have failed to suppress the Kashmiris’ resolve against injustice.

In the valley of Kashmir every brick on the wall, has a brutal story to tell. This brutality and high handedness of Indian security forces is attempt to muzzle their voices and quell their freedom struggle. Several international human rights organizations and media have highlighted the immense sufferings, lack of food supplies, medicines, denial of hospital access, Security lockdown, and media black-out in IIOJ&K. While the world remains silent to the atrocities of Indian forces, the Modi regime, and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is preparing the ground for demographic changes by allowing domestic certificates to outsiders in violation of India’s International commitments.

Despite outcries from within I ndia, appeals by the UN Secretary General, the UN Human Rights Commission, the OIC and many other Human rights organizations and leaders from around the world, including from Iran, Turkey, China and other countries; the Indian government is adamant and continuous its repression of the Kashmiris.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Pakistan regards Kashmir as its “Jugular Vein” and strives for resolution of disputes as per international law and UNSC Resolutions. The Government of Pakistan has effectively highlighted the sufferings of the people of Occupied-IIOJK Kashmir at every forum. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has stated without resolution of the Kashmir dispute there can be no hope for peace and security of the region.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Like Pakistanis the Iranian nation has always supported Kashmiris cause for self-determination and have expressed their Solidarity with the Kashmiris in various fora around the world. We are grateful to the people of Iran, the Iranian leadership especially Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for his constant support to the freedom struggle in Kashmir and insistence on resolution of the issue according to the will of the Kashmiris.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Pakistan echoes the voices of innocent Kashmiris to the world and demands an end to the massacre of innocent Kashmiris We call upon the international community to urge the government of India to halt the brutal use of force against the people of Kashmir in IIoJK and resolve the issue accordingly United Nations Security Council resolutions on Kashmir.


February 05, 2021

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