Requirements for Attestation of Manpower Demand Letter/Power of Attorney.

  1. Demand Letter/Power of Attorney issued by UAE Company in favor of Pakistani Overseas Employment Promoter.
  2. Trade/Commercial license of the Company.
  3. Labor Quota information copy of the company.
  4. Authorized signature copy .
  5. Overseas Employment Promoter license copy.
  6. Un-skilled workers Minimum salary AED 800 Plus food, Accommodation, medical etc.

Process of Attestation

  • The company along with all document will apply to the Community Welfare Section in Embassy of Pakistan.
  • The office will send an official letter through mail or fax to parent company whose quota will be utilized to confirm the demand.
  • If required the officer will also visit the parent company.
  • After confirm and verification the demand will be attested.
  • Charges : AED 34
  • Time Period: Depending on the nature of the case and company confirmation the attestation may take 1-5 days.

For more information you may contact on following number

Tel: 02-4447800 ext 137





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