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  1. Change to local Tanzania shilling currency for most services and business use it
  2. Learn few Swahili words, salutation as locals like to hear foreigners learning and speaking Swahili
  3. Police are there for safety but not at all times you need to be cautions yourself
  4. Get registered to local cellular network which offer both voice and data services as it will be cheaper instead of roaming one
  5. Wear covering simple modest dress but not too heavy since its tropical weather
  6. Walk around with your passport and pocket money always, just in case of emergencies
  7. Take malaria prevention pills and have small first aid kit all time
  8. Be vaccinated as per World Health Organization Vaccination guidelines as Yellow Fever vaccination record is invariably sought at point of entry at airports in Tanzania.



  1. Don’t go out at night alone but rather in group
  2. Don’t carry expensive items anytime you go out
  3. Avoid displaying wealth because doing so will cause security problems for you.
  4. Don’t try to photograph people without their permission
  5. Don’t make any derogatory statement or gesture against local people and government.


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