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The meeting of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee was held at the Ministry of foreign Affairs today for a comprehensive briefing of the prevailing situation in the country.

Briefing the Committee, the Foreign Minister highlighted Pakistan’s desire for a peaceful neighborhood and stated that during his inaugural speech, PM Khan had emphasized that Pakistan will take two steps if India takes one to normalise relations. He also proposed a meeting of both FMs at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly to explore the way forward towards this end. Regrettably, India cancelled the meeting within 24 hours after confirmation, on baseless and flimsy pretexts. However, in the spirit of constructive engagement, Pakistan continued its efforts for regional peace by pursuing its people and development centric policies and initiated the proposal of opening of Kartarpur Corridor, a long-standing demand of Sikhs, especially from India.

Regarding the recent developments vis-a-vis the Pulwama incident, the Foreign Minister stressed that he had immediately condemned the Pulwama Incident. Pakistan also rebutted baseless Indian allegations about Pakistanis involvement and offered cooperation if credible evidence was provided to it. Regrettably India, spurred by domestic compulsions continued on its belligerent path and on 26 February 2019, Indian military aircraft violated the Line of Control (LoC), and intruded into Pakistani airspace. They were effectively intercepted by Pakistan Air Force and forced to scuttle back, while randomly releasing their payload which landed in an uninhabited remote area. The Indian act of aggression was in blatant violation of UN Charter, international laws and all inter-state norms and conduct.

On 27 February 2019, Pakistan Air Force targeted non-military targets in Indian Occupied Kashmir, deliberately avoiding human loss and collateral damage to exhibit its capacity, capability and resolve. Two Indian military jets were shot down by Pakistan Air Force for violating Pakistani air space. One pilot was captured. PM Khan in his statement reiterated the offer to India for cooperation in investigation of Pulwama attack and resolving issues through dialogue. Pakistan also briefed the Ambassadors of P5 countries on the recent developments.

On 28 February 2019, PM Khan announced the release of the Indian pilot as a good-will gesture to de-escalate tensions, during the joint session of the Parliament. The pilot was subsequently released on 1st March 2019.

The Foreign Minister also shared that he wrote letters to the UN Secretary General and the President of the UN Security to apprise them of the threats to regional peace posed by Indian aggression. He also reached out to his counterparts in important capitals to highlight Pakistan’s restraint and responsible attitude in contrast to Indian aggression.

In line with Pakistan’s consistent desire for regional peace and de-escalation, Pakistan has conveyed to India that Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India will be returning to New Delhi after completion of consultations in Islamabad. Pakistan delegation will visit New Delhi on 14 March 2019 followed by the return visit of the Indian delegation to Islamabad on 28 March 2019 to discuss the draft agreement on Kartarpur Corridor. Pakistan is also committed to continue weekly contacts at the Military Operations Directorate’s level.


6 March 2019

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