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High Commissioner Dr Sohail Khan, accompanied by Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Adnan Javaid, called on Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, MP, Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of South Africa in his office on 15 October, 2019. The Minister was assisted by Mr. Ronney Marhule, Chief Director (Visa), Department of Home Affairs.

The High Commissioner underscored the contributions of Pakistani community including the services of doctors, engineers and critical skill workers employed in the public and private enterprises in South Africa. He also raised the common problems and issues faced by the community including grant of legal status, work permit, provision of safety and security, dual nationality and issuance of visa to legitimate visitors and business persons from South African High Commission in Islamabad.

Minister responded that issuance of legal status particularly to the asylum seekers is governed by United Nations Convention 1951. Furthermore, the Minister stated that his department would facilitate the grant of legal status to the legitimate applicants who fall in specific critical skill category.

Minister also underlined that South Africa is pluralistic and accommodative society, however, there is a continuous struggle in the community to secure the resources and job opportunities, therefore, it is not a xenophobia but struggle for survival. He agreed to work out the modalities to initiate the process for dual nationality agreement between the two countries.

Both sides agreed to continue the engagement to further deepen the relationship. They also decided to meet regularly to share and exchange the information from both sides.

15 October, 2019

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