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It gives me immense pleasure to extend, on behalf of the government and people of Pakistan and on my own behalf, warm felicitations to the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its Members, on the occasion of the 53rd ASEAN Day.

8 August 1967 marks the historic day when five South East Asian nations forged a common platform premised on the basic principles of cooperation, amity and non- interference. Today, ASEAN is a dynamic organization of ten members, spanning an area of 4.4 million square kilometers, a population of over 649 million, and a GDP exceeding US$2.9 trillion. The ASEAN Community Vision 2025, comprising the ASEAN Political-Security, Economic and Socio-Cultural components provides a blueprint to further integrate, synergize and harness the immense potential of the peoples and economies of the region. In pursuit of this noble endeavour, we wish ASEAN and its members every success.

I also commend ASEAN members for effectively and admirably handling the Covid-19 Pandemic. This unprecedented crisis calls for harnessing the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, embodied so admirably by ASEAN, for the greater good of all humanity.

Pakistan enjoys close, friendly ties with all ASEAN members. Our historic and deep-rooted relations pre-date the modem era, harkening back to abiding linkages forged during the time of the Gandhara Civilization. This enduring and unique relationship finds expression today in Pakistan’s association with ASEAN as a Sectoral Dialogue Partner, and an active member of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). We remain committed to upgrading our partnership with ASEAN to higher levels.

In line with its ‘Vision East Asia’ policy, Pakistan will continue to deepen and further strengthen political, economic and cultural ties with ASEAN and its members.


08 August 2020

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