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Today, Pakistan celebrates the political, social and economic progress and achievements of women across the globe and especially in Pakistan.

Pakistani women are known for their resilience, intelligence, perseverance and incredibly strong will. Despite the social and economic challenges, our women have carved destinies and have shaped the future of the globe and our very nation.

From political leaders, members of the armed forces, to sports, entertainment, and in defending human rights, our women have only made Pakistan proud. Madr-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was a part and parcel of the Pakistan Movement. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto assumed twice the highest political office of Pakistan. Asma Jehangir, a fiercest critic of the government, was an impeccable defender of Human rights, Malala Yusuf Zai’s indomitable will has made her a household name and promoter of education across the globe. Twenty-three years old Samina climbed the mount Everest, while Ayesha Farooq, a girl from Bahawalpur, decided to fly fighter jets and joined the formidable Pakistan Airforce. Our women have given birth to arts and literature, Bapsi Sidhwa, Bano Qudsia, Sheherezade Alam and Zibeida Agha are few names among many. Also, with Night Dad, founder of Digital Rights foundation, Jehan Ara, President of all Pakistan Software House Association and Kalsoom Lakhani, CEO of Invest2Innovate, Pakistani women have scaled heights in technology and entrepreneurship. As a nation, we honour their role and contribution, for our people society and state of Pakistan.

The path to women empowerment and quality of opportunity has been a long journey. Pakistan has taken a number of progressive policy initiatives and legislative measures for women emancipation and empowerment. At the national level, these included reserving seats for women representatives at all levels of political governance. We have established a National Policy for Development and Empowerment of Women and enacted a number of laws that reflect our commitment to promote a gender sensitive society where women have opportunities to participate in all walks of life as professionals, home makers and take part in policy formulation as well as its implementation.

Our direction, commitment and actions are clear. It is a path that Pakistan will continue to traverse and make progress on the road to women empowerment, mindful of the challenges but resolved to further build on our achievements.


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