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March 23 is a landmark day in Pakistan movement. On this very day, the Muslims of sub-continent adopted the Lahore Resolution which heralded the beginning of practical struggle for attainment of Pakistan. Lahore resolution, later named as the Pakistan Resolution, was a great demonstration of unity by the Indian Muslims. This Resolution implanted in them an extraordinary courage and zeal for a separate homeland. It also provided a meaningful direction to their struggle.

On March 2, 1941, while addressing the Muslim Students Federation, Quaid-i-Azam said, “The only solution for the Muslims of India, which will stand the test of trial and time, is that India should be partitioned so that both the communities can develop freely and fully according to their own genius economically, socially, culturally and politically.”

The object of the Muslim struggle was to establish such an independent state where they could freely live their individual and collective life according to their traditions. With the blessings of Allah Almighty, we today have an independent, sovereign and democratic country, and it is now our duty to put the country on the trajectory of development and prosperity, to realize the dream of our forefathers in the pursuit of which they made untiring efforts and rendered exemplary sacrifices.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, a democratic government has achieved the milestone of completing its constitutional tenure, which represents a leap forward in our endeavors for promotion of democratic values and continuity of democracy.

We are reviving the memory of Pakistan Resolution at a time when the country heads towards parliamentary elections and the people are eager and resolute for fair, free and transparent polls in the country.

This is exactly what the Father of the Nation had envisaged, i.e democracy to flourish and its fruits delivered to the people. Allah Almighty be thanked that He enabled us to rise to the challenge on this count.

I am confident that people will elect the best leadership in forthcoming polls in the country by using their sound political acumen. Only a leadership that represents peoples’ aspirations and enjoys their confidence is worthy of realizing the dreams of Quaid-e-Azam and the leaders of freedom movement.

[I would like to reiterate today the message of Quaid-i-Azam which he had delivered to the nation on 23 March 1944, “Lets go forward, full of hope for the coming year(s), with faith in our heart, unity in our camp, discipline in ranks, and I am confident of our success…”

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