Online Visa Application System W.E.F 29 April 2019

Government of Pakistan has launched Online Visa Application System with effect from 29 April 2019.

Nationals of Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama holding valid passports can apply for visa for Pakistan by approaching

Nationals of Mexico, Guatemala and Panama, holding valid passport and travelling to Pakistan for business purposes, can avail the added facility of grant of visa on arrival in Pakistan. Nationals of Belize and El Salvador, holding valid passport and travelling to Pakistan for business purposes may apply online.

Nationals of Costa Rica holding valid passports and travelling to Pakistan can avail the facility of grant of visa on arrival in Pakistan.

For queries, the Embassy can be approached on the email: and phone number: +52 55 5203 3636


Pakistan Passport

PASSPORT (Machine Readable Passport – MRP (computerized passport) – facility is also available)

Manual Passports issued by the Embassy are valid for 5 years but ICAO has informed that Manual Passports will no longer be accepted for international travel after 30 September 2016. Therefore, all Pakistanis are instructed to apply for MRP from MRP issuing authorities (in Pakistan or Pakistan Missions where this facility is available). This facility is also available in Embassy of Pakistan, Mexico.

Following are the requirements for issuance of passport:

1.      Filled out Form A / Form B(Link) (for person below 12 years)

2.      Previous passport in original along with a photocopy of its first two pages

3.      Three (3) passport sized color photographs which should not be older than 6 months

4..      Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or NICOP in original along with one photocopy; in case of children below 18 years – NICOP or B-Form (original with copy)

5.     Valid Resident Permit

6.     Receipt of fee paid in Scotia Bank Account # 00104646451

7.     Applicant must appear physically to apply for Machine Readable Passport.


For further information/clarification please contact the Embassy of Pakistan through email.


Loss of Passport

The requirements for application for passport in case of loss of passport are as follow:

1.      Filled out Form (for person below 12 years)

2..      Three (3) passport size photographs which should not be older than 6 months

3..      Duly filled in Form – Report of Lost Passport

4.      Complete Memorandum

5.      Original Pakistan National ID Card, CNIC/NICOP (along with one photocopy)

6.      Police report (original)

7.      Photocopy of the lost Pakistani passport

8.      Documentary evidence, with photograph, showing proof of Pakistani nationality i.e. citizenship certificate, domicile certificate issued by the Government of Pakistan


1)    Issuance of passport in such cases is subject to verification from original issuing authority
2)    In case of loss of passport for the third time:

i.    Pakistan’s Mission Abroad will issue emergency passport for return to Pakistan with an intimation to DTE Gen I&P.
ii.   In Pakistan, the case will be referred to DTE Gen I&P for further action


Embassy Of Pakistan – Mexico

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Fee Schedule W.E.F November 15, 2016

MRP – 5 Year Validity Fee in Mexican Pesos
Normal – 36 Pages


Urgent – 36 Pages


Normal – 72 Pages


Urgent – 72 Pages


Normal – 100 Pages


Urgent – 100 Pages




MRP – 10 Year Validity


Normal – 36 Pages


Urgent – 36 Pages


Normal – 72 Pages


Urgent – 72 Pages


Normal – 100 Pages


Urgent – 100 Pages




Lost Passport


1st Time – Normal


1st Time – Urgent


2nd Time – Normal


2nd Time – Urgent


3rd Time – Normal


3rd Time – Urgent


Details of Account for MRP Fee Deposit:

SCOTIABANK A/c No: 00104646451 SWIFT: MBCOMXMM CLABE: 044180001046464514
ADDRESS: Scotia Bank Inverlat, S.A TELEFONO: 5346-4726



National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)/Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

NICOP is a registration document issued to legitimate citizens of Pakistan or dual nationality holders.

POC is issued to persons with Pakistan origin or those who are not entitled to hold dual nationality.

NICOP/POC applications are now required to be filled online on the following website:


  • Payment is made online by credit card
  • The card is delivered to your mentioned address
  • For questions and queries on how to apply please check the Guidelines given on the website
  • For contact with NADRA officials please see the contact-us link on the website




Mr. Saeed Ur Rahman,


(+52 55 4337 5152)

Mr. Sheraz Maqsood,


(+52 55 7348 2272)


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