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A week-long food festival activities were organised in Pakistan’s Mission in Morocco in the cities of Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier. The event evinced an overwhelming response, and was attended by a large number of participants including the local parliamentarians, diplomats, businessmen, journalists, members of think tanks and the resident Pakistani community. The guests highly appreciated the traditional Pakistani cuisine, which was well received by the sophisticated Moroccan palate. The premises, where these festivals were arranged, were artistically adorned with Pakistani handicrafts while traditional folk music was played in the background, which created a unique ambience, augmenting the tastefully prepared food. The Pakistani community showed keen interest in the festivals and actively participated in all the events. These food festivals were also covered adequately by the local media.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of its Public Diplomacy initiatives aimed at promoting Pakistani cuisines abroad, has organised with the assistance of our Missions Abroad a series of Food Festivals in Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia from 22 October-10 November 2016. The Ministry endeavours to arrange public diplomacy events in order to project Pakistan’s culture, heritage and ethos both at home and abroad.

04 November, 2016

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