Mr. Abdul Satar was born and bred in the U.K. He was and is involved in a number of initiatives over the years to help the homeless and vulnerable residents of Bradford with meals. Satar has also been involved in relief efforts internationally including the calamities that struck Pakistan such as the earthquakes and flooding, famine and war which adversely affected, inter alia, African countries and Yemen. In 2017 Satar was a founding member of the Bradford Community Kitchen which was established realizing that there was a lack of government support for the homeless and vulnerable people in the Bradford district. In 2020, during the Covid 19 pandemic, Bradford Community Kitchen has been operational, and extends the service to the elderly and others in the Bradford District on an outreach basis delivering food parcels, hot meals, financial support for basic essential utilities such as electric, water and gas. Satar and his team served 4,000 meals in response to Covid 19 starting just before the lockdown commenced on the 23rd march and was one of the first voluntary organizations working on the ground.

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