Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Puri is a Clinical Director, Principal and Consultant Ophthalmic Optometrist. He also serves as the President of Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of United Kingdom. Mr Puri has been outstanding providing above and beyond his daily responsibilities, helping humanity at large in the difficult time of global pandemic (Covid-19). He provided support to public and medical professionals all around the UK. He arranged motivational sessions for medical staff, supporting families of medical staff and patients in hospitals in ICU both in the UK and Pakistan, 247. He advised religious organizations and families with regards to special arrangements with funerals, gatherings, and complex paperwork. He worked with mental health teams to suggest solutions to cope up with the anticipated impact on mental health during and after the pandemic, supported elderly and vulnerable, disseminated public awareness messages, including support systems to operate for Doctors and medical staff in Quarantine. He also oversaw advice and sourced Personal Protective Equipment for the medical professional, Delivering Food, medication, and essentials to the Isolated All across United Kingdom as well as personally delivering locally food prepared in his own home. These excellent services are still being delivered outside the working hours, evenings, weekends sacrificing family time. All this and much more resulted in the medical staff motivated to deliver their services to the maximum potential, minimising the pandemic damage.

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