Nasruddin Rupani is US based Pakistani philanthropist and a highly successful entrepreneur. Based in Houston, he is the President of World’s Gold & Diamonds, Inc, US Insurance Funding, Inc, World Wide Diamond Wholesale, Inc, and many other companies. Mr. Nasruddin Rupani has compassion for community service and humanitarian values. He is Founder and Chairman of many civil society organizations based in Pakistan and USA. Mr. Rupani chairs Ibn Sina Foundation which is a not for profit organization working on medical care at low, affordable prices to the underserved and underprivileged Muslim populations in Houston. Ibne-Sina Foundation (Mr. Ruppani) established free COVID-19 testing site, where so far around 18000 patients have been tested free of cost. It also established ‘Tele Clinics’ and Dentists’ Clinics at Five different locations of Houston, PPE Drives, in collaboration with Alliance for Disaster Relief and Mayor of Houston and other Congressmen. The Foundation also partnered in food drive serving over 2000 families during COVID. The Foundation has also been actively working in Pakistan, both in COVID testing and food drives.

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