Mr. Tajamul Hussain is from Multan, Pakistan. He came to Thailand for Masters degree in 2016 on “Education Hub for ASEAN Countries” (TEH-AC) scholarship. He is now pursuing Ph.D. He has played an active role to promote positive image of Pakistan especially among academia. He has represented Pakistan in various international conferences in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and recently in the Philippines. He played an active part in promoting collaboration between the Pakistani and Thai academia and universities. A young Pakistani research scholar doing PhD at Prince of Songkla University, Mr. Hussain played a commendable role in need of the hour for Pakistanis in South Thailand. He organized the Pakistani students in the South and Bangkok at a single platform. He remained active on social media and provided information and updates including relaying messages of the Embassy to those who were stranded in South Thailand, thus acting as a bridge between the Embassy and the community, especially the students.

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