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In the flag hoisting ceremony, which was attended by the Pakistani community and Embassy staff, Ambassador Aftab Ahmad Khokher read messages of the President and Prime Minister.

The evening reception was attended by Diplomatic Corps, representatives of the President, Speaker of the Parliament, Prime Minister and former Presidents. A large number of Ministers, parliamentarians, senior Government officials, businessmen, mediapersons, social personalities and artists attended the reception. Six Pakistani musicians (violinist Mr. Raees,tabla player ustad Ajmal, alghoza player Akbar Khameeso khan, rubab player Gulabkhel khan, banjo player mr Khalid Mehmood and dholak player mr. Muhammad khan) performed lively and impressed the audience with their Pakistani and Arabic tunes.

Ambassador Aftab Khokher, in his speech, highlighted the importance of Pakistan national day. He said that the resolution adopted in Pakistan was formally laid down the foundation of the struggle for the right of self-determination by the Muslims of subcontinent. He further said that the creation of Pakistan was partly culmination of that journey which would be completed once the people of the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir would be granted the right of self-determination. He added that the people of Palestine must also be granted that right.

Ambassador Khokher stated that Pakistan, after a journey of more than seventy years, had emerged on the globe as a mature democracy, stable and emerging economy, and a pragmatic society. He stated that Pakistan and Lebanon had very longstanding, cordial and friendly relationship, which was based on mutual respect and understanding. He emphasized that the two countries had the potential to further enhance and deepen the bilateral ties. He further said that the performance by musicians from Pakistan was an effort to connect the people of two countries.

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