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Pakistan Navy is holding a multi-national naval exercise AMAN-09. A total of 54 countries with aircraft carriers, frigate ships, special operation forces and observers are participating in this exercise.

AMAN-09 featured exercises at sea, frigate review, cultural activities, and a conference on “Maritime Threats and Opportunities in 21st century – Traditional and Non-traditional Threats, Force, Postures and Extra Regional Interests-implementation for Arabian Sea and Arabian Gulf”.

AMAN-09 is being conducted in the strategically important Arabian Sea, where most world navies are maintaining their presence in support of the United States-led coalition against terrorism. The exercise has demonstrated Pakistan’s resolve to combat crimes and terrorism in the maritime domain. It has also successfully showcased the professional excellence of the Pakistan Navy.

AMAN-09 is a clear demonstration of Pakistan’s commitment, will and expertise to promote international cooperation in maritime affairs with a view to promoting peace, security and prosperity in the region and beyond.

March 11, 2009

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