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Kashmir Black Day was observed at the Embassy of Pakistan in Tashkent on 27 October 2019. Over 100 members of Pakistani community, including their family members, few Uzbek dignitaries as well as all Embassy officers and officials participated in the event. Everyone wore black armbands to register their protest. It may be noted that Uzbek government does not allow any kind of political activity involving other countries. Accordingly, a large number of Uzbek nationals were not invited and the event was restricted to the Mission’s premises.

The event started with recitation from Holy Quran. Messages of President and Prime Minister were distributed amongst participants. Ambassador Dr. Irfan Yusuf Shami spoke about importance of both Kashmir Black Day and long-standing and unresolved Kashmir issue. He highlighted continuous atrocities and worst kind of brutalities being committed by Indian Forces in occupied Jammu & Kashmir since 1948. Ambassador also briefed about persistent efforts of government to support Kashmir cause at both bilateral and multilateral levels. He specially mentioned recent report of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, reputable HR organizations and international media on Kashmir which clearly exposed horrific Indian brutalities and human rights violations. Ambassador underlined Pakistan’s continued strong moral, political and diplomatic support to Kashmiri people to achieve inalienable right to self-determination, pledged to them under several UNSC resolutions.

Videos and documentaries of brutal Indian atrocities were shown to the audience. Moreover, posters, banners and pamphlets, depicting innocent victims of Indian aggression were also prominently displayed. The ceremony concluded with special prayers for all innocent Kashmiri Shuhada and our valiant armed forces personnel who had laid down their lives defending the Line of Control in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Special prayers were also offered for urgent and amicable resolution of Kashmir issue, in accordance with several outstanding UN Security Council Resolutions. Mission’s efforts to arrange a befitting event to commemorate Kashmir Black Day, was appreciated by all participants.

Uzbekistan, as per its stated policy, supports bilateral mechanism for dispute resolution. Accordingly, on Kashmir issue, it has maintained a strict neutral stance.


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