In a Resolution adopted today, the OIC Foreign Ministers have endorsed Pakistan’s call for a joint probe to accurately establish the facts surrounding the 9 March 2022 incident of firing of a missile into Pakistan from India.

The Foreign Ministers expressed serious concern on the incident which constituted multiple violations of international law, United Nations Charter, Articles on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts, civil aviation rules and safety protocols, and endangered human life and property besides posing a grave threat to regional and international peace, security and stability.

While calling on India to fully abide by its international obligations, the Resolution stresses that the duty to protect dangerous arsenals and materials and systems related to WMDs, as well as to ensure nuclear security, is a strict liability obligation under international law.

It further calls on the UN Secretary General and relevant international bodies, including UN Security Council and International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO), to pursue the matter with India, in line with their mandated duties, to accurately establish the facts to prevent such occurrences in the future. It exhorts the international community to take serious notice of the incident of grave nature in a nuclearized environment and play its role in upholding strategic stability in South Asia.

The Foreign Ministers urged India to work constructively with Pakistan for enhancing regional security and stability through the settlement of outstanding disputes and positively responding to Pakistan’s proposal for a Strategic Restraint Regime, including measures for arms control, restraint and confidence building.

The OIC Secretary General has been requested to communicate the CFM Resolution to the Secretary General of the United Nations and to remain seized of the matter.

23 March 2022

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