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(2018-08-02) Responding to media queries about the recent US decision to waive individual licensing requirements for export of high technology weapons exports to India, the Spokesperson described it as a disturbing continuation of policies of discrimination and exceptionalism, further eroding the longstanding non-proliferation norms.

The Spokesperson underscored the serious implications on strategic stability arising from the cumulative effect of several civilian nuclear cooperation agreements between India and members of export control regimes, the latest of which is the recent licensing waivers.

Pakistan believes all States have the right to acquire and use advanced and dual use technologies for socio-economic development under appropriate safeguards and without discrimination.

Pakistan urges faithful adherence by all to the letter and spirit of relevant international treaties and export control regimes. Pakistan also calls on all States to carefully review their strategic export control policies that directly impinge on national security of Pakistan and undercut stated goals of preserving strategic stability in the region.

Disavowal of established legal and normative frameworks regulating strategic goods and technologies only undermines the global rules-based order.


02 August 2018

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