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(2017-10-31) One day National seminar on “Strengthening Strategic Export Controls by Internal Compliance”was held in Islamabad.The event was organized byStrategic Export Control Division (SECDIV), M/o Foreign Affairs to enhance government-industry cooperation, improve inter-agency coordination and highlight the importance of self-regulation for further improving the implementation of Export Control on Goods, Technologies, Material and Equipment related to Nuclear and Biological Weapons and their Delivery Systems Act (Strategic Export Control Act – 2004).Representatives from governmental departments, academia, research institutions and industry attended the seminar.

Ms. Tehmina Janjua, Foreign Secretary reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to non-proliferation and disarmament, highlighted the continuing efforts, and stressed on promotion of export control culture through implementation of guidelines on internal compliance. The Foreign Secretary further added that export controls not only protect businesses from unauthorized end-users but also facilitate and encourage legitimate exports of hi tech dual use items for peaceful purposes.

The Seminar was part of SECDIV routineoutreach and awareness raising activities.

31 October 2017

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