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Pak-China consultations on human rights issues were held in Islamabad on 14th December 2011. The Chinese delegation was led by Ms Qi Xiaoxia, Special Representative on Human Rights, Deputy Director General, Department of International Organizations and Conferences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. Mr. Asif Durrani, Director General, United Nations, led the Pakistan side.

The two sides exchanged views on a wide range of issues in the multilateral human rights field and on further strengthening cooperation in the UN human rights bodies particularly the Human Rights Council and the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly.

Both sides underlined the importance of pursuing dialogue and cooperative approaches at the multilateral level based on the Charter of the United Nations. They shared the view that all human rights including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights as well as the right to development should be promoted and protected in an objective and non-selective manner.

They agreed on the imperative of strengthening the voice of the developing countries in the human rights discourse in order to safeguard and promote their collective interests.

Special Representative Xiaoxia called on Foreign Secretary Mr. Salman Bashir today. She also met with Additional Secretary (UN&EC), Mr. Munawar Saeed Bhatti yesterday.

Pakistan and China will continue the dialogue on human rights issues in the future as part of their strategic cooperation.

14th December 2011

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