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Pakistan Day was celebrated at the Embassy with a simple yet elegant flag hoisting ceremony. The event was attended by members of Pakistani community, Italian nationals, members of the diplomatic corps, school students and the embassy officials.

The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran. The national flag was raised by Ambassador of Pakistan, H.E Nadeem Riyaz, while the Carbineri’s (Italian Military Police) band played the national anthem. Messages from the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan were read at the occasion, followed by student speakers and a special prayer for progress and prosperity of the country.

The Ambassador in his address, recalled the importance of the day for Pakistanis and paid a rich tribute to the forefathers of the country, who had rendered tremendous sacrifices to ensure freedom for the coming generations. He stressed that Pakistan desired peace but has the right to defend its borders. He urged the international community to fulfil its obligations to the people of Kashmir who are still struggling for their right of self-determination.

The Ambassador commended the positive role of the Pakistani community in Italy. He directed them to conduct themselves in a manner which brings a good name to the country and stressed on tolerance and inter-faith harmony.

During the celebrations the guests were also treated to a sumptuous buffet of freshly prepared ‘halwa puri’ and traditional Pakistani cuisine which they thoroughly praised and enjoyed.

23rd March 2019

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