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The 77th National Day of Pakistan was celebrated with national zeal and fervour at the premises of the Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi.

The ceremony was inaugurated with flag hoisting by Ambassador Moazzam Ahmad Khan and playing of the National Anthem. National Day messages of the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out. Students from Pakistani schools and Christian community sang national songs. The event was attended by a large number of Pakistani community.

Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador paid a tribute to the great sacrifices rendered by our forefathers for a separate homeland where the Muslims of sub-continent could freely live in accordance with the principles of equality, justice and equal opportunities. He said that Pakistan came into being through a long democratic struggle and it was essential to promote the spirit of tolerance and patience which are the fundamentals of democracy.

The Ambassador said that we were confronted with formidable threats and challenges; however, we have faced all these challenges and measured up to each one with resilience and resolve. In this regard, he specifically mentioned the role of Pakistan’s security forces and the sacrifices they made in riding the country of the menace of terrorism and extremism.

The Ambassador reiterated government’s resolve to ensure freedom, equality and social justice for every Pakistani citizen and referred to the government’s endeavors and initiatives aimed at mainstreaming the marginalized segments of the society focusing at minorities and women empowerment. Recalling the historic struggle of the Muslims for independence under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the community was urged to play their role with dedication and commitment to make Pakistan a stronger and prosperous country. He mentioned that Pakistanis residing in the UAE were a valuable asset of the country and that they were making huge contribution in Pakistan’s economy through the remittances.

Highlighting the fraternal bonds between Pakistan and UAE, Ambassador Moazzam Ahmad Khan expressed satisfaction over the existing level of bilateral relations and said that under the present leadership of both countries, the relations would be further strengthened.

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