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To mark the golden jubilee of Pakistan Defence Day, the Mission organized a Pakistan Community function on 6 September, 2015. This was followed by a diplomatic reception on 9th September 2015. The community event was attended by some 200 Pakistani nationals including businessmen, professionals and students and their families event. In addition Azeri guests and journalists were also invited on the occasion. The diplomatic reception on 9th September was attended to by Azeri officials and military officers, Ambassadors and Defence Attaches accredited to Azerbaijan, journalists and other members of civil society and select Pakistanis.

2. The Head of Chancery, Defence Attache and Ambassador addressed the audience and highlighted the importance of this day in Pakistan history. The Ambassador in his speech made the following points:

i) 6th September 1965 is a golden chapter of our history of 68 years of independence.

ii) This was the day when our enemy superior to us both in numbers and military prowess tried to subjugate us. Our brave men and officers rendered ultimate supreme sacrifice of their lives to defend our motherland.

iii) On this day Pakistanis displayed unmatchable national cohesion and unity and stood up together with our brave soldier and thwarted the evil design of our enemy.

iv) Since 6 September 1965 we have come a long way. Now our defence is very strong. Our professional army is trained against both conventional and unconventional enemies.

v) We do not have any aggressive design against any country but we are in a much better position to defend ourselves against any foreign aggression at any level and scale.

vi) We will not let our enemy’s policy of fomenting terrorism in our country and blaming us at the same time of terrorism and harming and hampering our economic development to succeed; Inshallah!

vii) We are pursuing a policy of peaceful neighbourhood and working hard to develop good relations with all nations of the world.

viii) After 9/11 our country Pakistan has given unmatchable sacrifices for the regional and global peace. We are the single largest contributor of peacekeepers under the blue beret of United Nations.

ix) We still are the single biggest host of refugees despite being a developing country.

x) We are the country of human values and believer of a faith of peace.

xi) We want to solve all issues including the core dispute of Jammu & Kashmir with India through dialogue and in peaceful manners and in accordance with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and the aspiration of the Kashmiri people.

xii) Pakistan and Azerbaijan enjoy very cordial relations. We strongly support Azerbaijan on the Nogorno-Karabakh conflict and we are grateful to Azerbaijan for their support to Pakistan on the dispute of Jammu & Kashmir.

xiii) Our positions are based on UNSC resolutions, international legality and norms of justice. We will continue to support each other till the resolution of these core issues.

On the occasion Ambassador also gave an interview to local journalists. Giving back ground and importance of 6 September in our history the Ambassador sensitized them about the prevailing situation in South Asian region and commented on excellent bilateral relations between Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

The community event also included (i) a speech competition on the topic “Our Defence Day” (ii) performance/lucky draw and (iii) singing of national anthem together.

10 September 2015

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