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H.E. Dr. Ali Ahmed Arain, High Commissioner of Pakistan to Republic of The Gambia, with residence at Dakar,gifted100 MT of rice to Gambian government on behalf of the government of Pakistan. The gift was received by the Minister of Agriculture and Secretary General of Gambian Government in a formal ceremony held on 16 June 2021 at the State House of Gambia.

In his remarks, High Commissioner Arain underlined that the gift of rice was not only indicative of close relations and brotherhood between the two countries, but also displayed the responsibility and commitment of Pakistani government towards itsfriends in Africa. He hoped that this gift of rice by Pakistan would contribute to the Gambian government’s efforts to ensure the food security in Gambia.

The Gambian Minister of Agriculture and Secretary General appreciated the generosity of Pakistani government to help Gambia in meeting the food shortages in the wake of drought and economic slump due to covid-19 pandemic. They conveyed the thanks of their President to the leadership of Pakistan for this friendly gesture. They also appreciated the recent focus of Pakistani government on strengthening its relations with Gambia.








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