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Pakistan strongly condemns the Indian Security Forces’ unprovoked firing, violating the ceasefire at the working boundary at Charwah sector today. The firing started at midnight and continued till morning. The Indian violation, in complete disregard of the sacred occasion of Eid Ul Azha, caused Shahadat of 4 innocent citizens and injuries to 3 others. 2 children and a woman in village Dharmala and one 60 years old man in Tulsipur were among the casualties while 2 civilians in Dharmala and a child in village Harpal were injured. It is deeply saddening that Indian Security Forces’ act of aggression deprived a number of families from celebrating the auspicious Eid. The Government of Pakistan offers its condolences to the bereaved families and the victims. Our heart goes out to the affected families.

The Government of Pakistan has lodged strong protest with the Government of India through diplomatic channels and called for restraining its forces from constant violation of the ceasefire. This was the sixth violation, occurring on daily basis since 1st October. Indian Forces violated from Akhnur, Dawar, Gulmerg, Jammu, Dawar and lastly, from Charwah Sectors.

6th October, 2014

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