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Pakistan has been re-elected to two important international bodies.

Today, Pakistan won a four year term (2018-2022) for the Administrative Council of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) during elections held in Dubai, UAE. Pakistan was one of the thirteen countries elected to this important body from the Asia & Australasia region. Pakistan secured 155 out of a total of 177 votes cast.

Pakistan’s re-election to this Council demonstrates a strong vote of confidence of the international community in Pakistan’s advances in the ICT infrastructure and platforms. This re-election is also recognition of the important role and contribution that Pakistan has made and can also play in the global ICT policy arena.

As a member, Pakistan will continue to remain actively engaged with the work of the Council and in collaboration with member states endeavor to make ITU stronger and more responsive to the contemporary challenges and opportunities in ICTs.

Separately on past Friday in New York, Pakistan was also re-elected to the United Nations Committee on Contributions (CoC) by acclamation. The Committee on Contributions is one of the key UN bodies that works on the methodology to determine each UN member state’s individual mandatory share of financial contribution to the United Nations budget.

Pakistan’s re-election to the UN Committee reflects the acknowledgment among member states of the United Nations about Pakistan’s constructive engagement as well as its role as a consensus builder at the international level.


05 November 2018

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