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The Government of Pakistan is greatly relieved that the three Pakistan nationals, namely, Syed Talat Hussain, Mr. Raza Mahmood Agha and Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Khan, who were on board the Gaza-bound “Freedom Flotilla” have safely reached Amman, Jordan today. The Ambassador of Pakistan in Amman, Mr. Akhtar Tufail and senior officials of the Embassy received them on arrival at the Jordan-Israel border. The Embassy of Pakistan in Amman is now in the process of making arrangements for their travel to Pakistan in accordance with their convenience and preference. We are grateful to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for facilitating our nationals’ travel to Amman and for extending hospitality to them as state guests.

The Government and the people of Pakistan express their profound gratitude to all friendly countries, in particular the US, especially their Embassy in Islamabad, and Jordan for ascertaining the well-being of our nationals following the blatant use of force by Israel against the Flotilla carrying humanitarian assistance, and for their release from the Israeli detention. We are also thankful to the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Interpol for their help.

02 June 2010

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