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“Pakistan welcomes public-private participation in education and encourages work of international NGOs in this field. The government, however, decided to register all the NGOs after noticing that activities of some of them were contrary to their stated scope of work” said Tariq Azim Khan, High Commissioner of Pakistan, while addressing DIL Canada-2018 Annual Fundraiser Gala here at Ottawa.

He appreciated the contributions of Developments in Literacy (DIL-Canada) to promote primary education in Pakistan. He added that right to free education upto the age of 16 is guaranteed under the constitution. He said that Pakistani Diaspora living in Canada today is a real bridge between the two countries and can play a pivotal role in further cementing the existing bonds of friendship, economic interaction, trade and development cooperation including in health and education sector.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s message was telecast at the event. Prime Minister Trudeau appreciated the organizers of the annual fundraiser for a noble cause of educating poor children specially girls. He urged the participants to generously support the cause.

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