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Currently around 18,000 Pakistanis are residing in Libya.  Out of these, 10-12,000 are those who are settled here since 1970s and they are unlikely to evacuate.  Approximately 3-6,000 Pakistanis are likely to go to Pakistani due to deteriorating security situation in Libya.  3,250 Pakistanis have so far contacted the Embassy and showed their willingness to repatriate back to Pakistan.   The Embassy is facilitating those who are vulnerable and willing to go back to Pakistan.  Until now, we have issued 300 letters for facilitation through Tunisian-Libyan border. We have also established 24-hours help line for facilitation of Pakistani Diaspora in Libya.  Helpline numbers are repeated again:

00 218 922379368 (Mr. Ayaz Khan) 00 218 922555216 (Mr. Kamran)
00 218 21 36100937 and 00218 21 3616581 (0900 to 1600 hours)

We have also appointed coordinators in various regions:
Benghazi : Mr. Dilshad (Mobile: 0926234268, 0913683686)
Sebah: Mr. Nasir (Mobile: 0924650082)
Misurata: Mr. Ghafran (Mobile: 0918415966, 0926797973)

Even today, more than 300 Pakistanis are in the Embassy premises for registration and facilitation for evacuation.

We are primarily relying on Tunisian border for crossing.  Pakistanis in Eastern Region i.e. Benghazi are advised to proceed through Egyptian border for which our Parep Cairo has been asked to make necessary arrangements.

All Pakistanis except one (minor injuries) are so far safe.  However, they like all others in Libya are facing the pressures of situation like commodity shortages, inflation and law and order situation.

All Pakistanis in Libya are advised to:
1) Get Registered, if not done already.
2) Those desirous to proceed out to intimate details like name, passport number,     preferred route i.e. Tunisia/Egypt/Malta.
3) Stay together and move out in small groups

Our Embassies in adjacent countries have also been requested to coordinate Tunis, Egypt and Turkey for evacuation of Pakistanis. As a standby arrangements, we are also trying to work out evacuation through sea routes possibly through Turkey and Malta.

Government and People of Pakistan would earnestly desire to give a message of solidarity to the brotherly people of Libya in their hour of crisis that we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in facing the challenges of environment and pray for the earliest improvement of situation.  Bulk of Pakistanis residing in Libya are staying on.  Only vulnerable Pakistanis facing environmental difficulties are temporarily moving out duly facilitated by the Government of Pakistan.

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