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THE Pakistani community in the sultanate celebrated Hari Raya Aidil Fitri at the Youth Centre in the capital yesterday.

There were plenty of fun and games for the children, as they were able to play with the mascots of famous cartoon characters and on the bouncer as well as participate in a quiz.

The quiz competition for the children was very interesting as it recapped all things related to Ramadhan, including history.

The winning teams were given prizes while all the children present at the celebration were also given goodie bags by the organisers.

The colourful dresses of children in the hall made it more festive and cheerful, with their giggles adding joyfulness to the celebrations.

The festive celebration was also a venue for sharing the wide variety of Pakistani food contributed by the participating families.

The blissful mood and the spirit of Aidil Fitri were complimented by the warm reception of the organisers. The committee previously organised a speech contest titled “Happiness has nothing to do with wealth” and the winners were awarded at the event with prizes by the Pakistan High Commission.

During the event, Acting High Commissioner Ahmed Ali Sirohey reminded the audience that Ramadhan was a “training period”.

“We fasted to show our obedience to Allah SWT, to get closer to Him. Fasting has trained us and disciplined us. Now that Ramadhan is over, we should have cultivated a heightened sense of taqwa. In this higher spiritual state, it’s crucially important that we do not slip back into the bad old habits we had before Ramadhan,” he said. “We have to try hard to prolong this blissful state of nearness to Allah SWT. We are now as close as we ever could be to what the Quran refers to as the Qalb Saleem (a pure, sound heart).”

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