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THE Federation of Brunei Malay Entrepreneurs (PPPMB) held a Hari Raya open house event at their office at the Beribi Industrial Complex yesterday.

Among the guests were representatives from the embassies of China, Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as members of PPPMB.

Present to welcome the guests was the President of PPPMB, Dr Haji Abdul Latif bin Haji Chuchu. In an interview, he said that PPPMB has been working closely with the embassies as they provide information on foreign companies for potential joint venture projects in the future.

The event was held to celebrate Hari Raya together with members of PPPMB and to strengthen relations with local business owners and other agencies.

PPPMB currently has 300 business owners registered under it and the businesses vary from construction, catering, trading and real estate, among others. The federation was created to unite Malay entrepreneurs in the country on one platform where they can discuss and share ideas and experiences related to the field of entrepreneurship.

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