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Ambassador-designate of Pakistan, Mr. Najeeb Durrani, presented his credentials to President Michel Aoun of the Republic of Lebanon in an elegant ceremony held in Beirut yesterday (13 September 2018). He conveyed the greetings from President of Pakistan to the Lebanese President. Congratulating Lebanese government on successfully holding parliamentary elections in the country after a gap of nine years, the Ambassador conveyed good wishes of the Pakistani leadership for the progress and prosperity of the Lebanese people. Welcoming the Ambassador to Lebanon, President Aoun reciprocated the sentiments of the Pakistani leadership.

The Ambassador stated that Pakistan and Lebanon both are not only heirs to great ancient civilizations but are connected by the bonds of common faith and culture. Spanning over several decades, Pak-Lebanon bilateral relations are characterized by similarity of views on important regional and global issues like Palestine, counter-terrorism, return of refugees, and inter-faith harmony. Ambassador stressed that there exists great scope for building upon such commonalities and learning and benefitting from each other’s experiences.

The Ambassador expressed his resolve to work, with the support of the Lebanese government, towards further strengthening the existing friendly relations between Pakistan and Lebanon especially in the field of trade and investment. The Lebanese President affirmed his government’s readiness to facilitate the Ambassador’s mission towards achievement of the common goal of deepening bilateral ties.

14 September 2018

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